Samuel Holzner Portrait

About South Tyrolean architectural photographer Samuel Holzner

How can you best visualize the architectural character of a building or structure? Which meteorological conditions are ideal? These questions are crucial for Samuel after carefully considering his clients’ intentions and objectives. As a professional photographer, he is skilled at the transformation of three-dimensional shapes into two-dimensional images in order to suggest spatial effects. “Enable designed space to be comprehensible to its observer” – this is how he describes his work being an assignment and passion at the same time.

Samuel Holzner was born in Silandro South Tyol (Italy) in 1989, surrounded by landscapes full of visual contrasts and remarkable light changings. He attended the School of Photography in Hall in Tirol (Austria), and worked as an assistant for Oskar da Riz in Bozen (South Tyrol) after his qualification in 2008. From 2010-2011 he worked for Florian Holzherr in Munich (Germany). Samuel has been active as a professional photographer since 2010 and freelance and specialized in architectural photography since 2013.

While other photographers exclusively operate with sunlight, Samuel uses adverse weather conditions conveniently, as the fog for instance makes visually dominant alpine peaks naturally disappear into the background, and thus enables the architecture to come to the fore. Low-hanging clouds can also reduce distracting reflections of the landscape in glass surfaces. Many details blinded out by the observer – be it an architect, a constructor or a manufacturer – would be considered disturbing in the photograph. Samuel’s commitment is the conscious application of all his knowledge in order to identify the character of the building or structure in its real environment.

Architectural photography is always more than a mere description of form and material. It is a matter of statements, moods, and understanding of aesthetical and emotional concerns.

Article published by the specialized journal “Floornature” (03/2018): The young, South Tyrolean photographer, Samuel Holzner is on a mission to make architecture intelligible to the observer.

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